How can I keep my tan for longer?


Coming back from our summer holidays we bring not only beautiful memories and plenty of photos, but also the desired tan. For some of us this means just a slight touch of sun; some other women get dark brown, but we all want to know how to preserve our tan after the holiday.

When we think about preserving the delicate brown shade of our skin after the summer, immediately the tan extending cosmetics come into our mind.


How to choose a tan extender?

The ingredients of tan extending balms should not only darken skin delicately and help it to preserve the beautiful, golden tone, but also:

  • hydrate dry epidermis,
  • calm potential irritations,
  • have regenerating effect.

Some balms may have in their composition illuminating particles which will emphasize your tan prettily when your holidays are over.

Example: Soraya Express Bronze 3in1 with cocoa butter contains not only the Tan Booster which accelerates the melanin production process in the skin, but also the SOSkin Complex (panthenol, allantoin, vitamin E) which has soothing effect. Cocoa butter moisturizes and cares for the skin, while the balm with walnut extract safely enhances the darker skin tone.


Supplements and home care treatments which will help you to maintain your tan.

Cosmetic skin care combined with enriched diet including supplements can bring the best effects! Supplements with carotenoids not only hydrate your skin from inside and supply you with vitamins, but in the first place influence the skin tone and care for its honey-brown color.

Furthermore, drink a glass of carrot juice with a good composition every day – carrots contain the carotenoids mentioned above.

Limit smoking and alcohol consumption. The skin of people who smoke and drink alcohol on a regular basis becomes dull, and achieving the best results of external care becomes more difficult.


Do you now that… a gentle abrasive peeling can also help you in maintaining your tan? Definitely it won’t remove the tan which is in the deeper layers of the skin. You will only peel off gently the dead epidermis and reveal your tan. Best use honey, coffee or fruit peeling. The important thing is that the peeling can’t be acid.

After the period of intensive sunbathing, refrain from hot baths which not only make epidermis dry but also soften it and make its removal too easy. Choose quick showers which firm your body – preferably alternate showers with warm and cold water.

After showering, gently massage the balm in your skin, e.g. Soraya Sun Care Ultra-Hydrating Tan Extender. Its ingredients include not only beta-carotene but also caramel which also helps skin to maintain its golden brown color.

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