How can I make my skin firm?


A beautiful, modelled, slim figure is something most of us dream of. There are many ways of acquiring firm skin – from physical exercises through diet to appropriate care. Learn how to firm your body skin effectively.

Are you struggling for your dreamed-of figure? Or maybe you have just achieved it and you wonder how to make your skin adapt to it perfectly? Weight loss, pregnancy or even the passage of time can affect adversely the firmness of our body’s skin. How to deal with this?

Exercise – the basis of the firm body

When the firm skin is our goal, we mustn’t forget what hides under it. The key to the firm body is regular exercising.

It is best to exercise the individual muscle groups. With exercising the skin tightens and relaxes which makes it more elastic.

For the improvement of the skin firmness it is best if the exercises are performed in several series with a large number of repetitions and using low weights (you can use dumb-bells or e.g. half-liter water bottles).

The alternative for the training may be for example jogging or walking, exercising on aerobic machines, e.g. bike or stepper as well as yoga or Pilates.


The proper diet

To make your body firm, try to limit the intake of fats and simple sugars. They are deposited in the most sensitive places of the female body – on the abdomen and hips.

You can effectively replace sweets with e.g. dates, and sugar – with honey.

Furthermore, make sure that you drink plenty of water (minimum 8 glasses daily) – it is indispensable for maintaining theadequate level of hydration of the body and thus of the skin.

Moreover, try to drink a glass of green tea every day, as it contains antioxidants and slows down the skin aging processes.


Massages, peelings and firming balms – skin care for firmness


  • Firming massages

Massaging the skin has a positive effect on its elasticity. To support and supplement the regular exercises and the healthy diet it is also worth doing the modelling (or slimming) massage which, by breaking down the subcutaneous fatty tissue and improving the circulation of lymph and blood in our body, boosts metabolic rate, helps to remove toxins from the body, smooths out skin and reduces cellulite.


  • Peelings – ready-made or homemade

When showering, try to use peelings – they remove dead epidermis and reduce cellulite, and they also act as a form of massage. You can buy ready-made peeling at the drugstore, but you can also prepare your own peel.

The perfect ingredients for a homemade peeling include for example coffee (with added olive oil and milk) or coarse salt with the addition of lemon juice.


  • Alternate shower

When you are taking a bath, don’t forget about the so-called alternate shower which consists in directing alternate hot and cold jets of water onto your skin – this type of shower, by stimulating blood and lymph circulation, improves the skin firmness and rejuvenates it and at the same time reduces cellulite.

While taking a bath or a shower, use firming brushes, gloves or rolls with rubber protrusions.


When you use massages, peelings and alternate showers, your skin absorbs better the skin care product applied after the bath or shower.

In order to firm the individual body parts – bust, tummy, thighs, buttocks – try using modelling balms and cosmetics regularly, e.g. BODY DIET 24 SLIM or BODY DIET 24 NIGHT CONCENTRATE.

Remember to rub the balms thoroughly into the skin – with the circular movements of your hand or using a massager (the longer the massage, the better the balm will be absorbed). To enhance the effects of the modelling cosmetics, make sure to maintain a constant, high body temperature, e.g. by wrapping your body in a foil or putting on a warm bathrobe or pyjamas (the heat opens the skin pores which also improves the absorption of skin care products).


Consistency is the guarantee of success

Remember that restoring the skin firmness is a long-lasting process which requires endurance and discipline. You will notice the first changes after approximately 4 weeks. The longer you apply the firming treatments, the more long-lasting their effects will be.

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