How to do an anti-cellulite massage?


Millions of women all over the world struggle with cellulite. Even women with slim figure may experience the problem of “orange peel” skin. Learn how to do ant-cellulite massage which will firm your skin and help get rid of unnecessary fat reserves.

Cellulite, called also the „orange peel”, is nothing else than the localized clusters of fat which accumulates in our body just under the skin. Cellulite occurs most often on the tummy, buttocks and thighs. You can combat it in several ways:

  • physical exercise,
  • proper diet,
  • special treatments or
  • anti-cellulite massages

As for the massages, you can have them done in a professional massage salon, but you can also do them yourself at home.


How to do an anti-cellulite massage?

Rule 1. When you are doing the anti-cellulite massage, don’t be afraid of applying force – the massages of this type should be performed with firm, strong movements.

Rule 2. The general rule while performing anti-cellulite massages is their centripetal direction – so  the movements are made towards the heart, from down upwards.

Rule 3. During the anti-cellulite massage it is worth using anti-cellulite cosmetics, e.g. LIFT&UP EFFECT BODY DIET24 3-Function Serum or BODY DIET24 ANTI-CELLULITE AND SLIMMING serum – use of a serum or a balm will enhance the effect of the massage.

Anti-cellulite massage for the tummy area

Close your fists and massage the tummy with circular movements, from the left to the right. Then grasp a fold of skin and move it towards the groin with small but firm movements.

Anti-cellulite massages for the thigh area

  • Massage 1. Sit on a chair. Knead your thigh with both hands (squeeze, pinch, pat) on its entire surface. Start from your knee and move upwards, towards the groin.
  • Massage 2. Close your fists and punch your thighs, starting at your knee and moving upwards. Then do the same massage with your palms open.
  • Massage 3. Put the fingers of both hands together as if making a basket and move them firmly on your thigh from the knee upwards. Then untangle your hands and tighten them on your thighs

Anti-cellulite massages for the buttock area

  • Massage 1. This type of massage is performed in a standing position. Put your right hand on your right buttock and massage the buttock with circular movements (counter-clockwise), starting from the hip and moving towards the thigh, and then going back to the hip.
  • Massage 2. Pinch and press the skin of the buttocks strongly with both hands. Also this massage is performed in a standing position.

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