SUN CARE Express Bronze 3in1 (starter, booster, tan extending balm) with walnut extract

Express Bronze 3in1 is the innovative preparation which contains ingredients accelerating the melanin production. It combines the functions of a starter (prepares for tanning), tan booster and balm. It contains walnut extract which lends the skin a golden shade.

Express Bronze 3in1 is the innovative preparation providing excellent skin care and great tan!


It contains SunTan Booster - ingredients which accelerate the production of melanin (natural skin pigment) both under the influence of UV radiation and without it.


With this, the cosmetic combines 3 functions:

  • Perfect before the start of the holiday season as a starter - it prepares skin for sunbathing by the preliminary darkening of its tone, which allows to obtain prettier and safer tan.
  • As a tan booster, great for the holiday lounging on the beach, it shortens the time needed to obtain the beautiful tan.
  • Used regularly as a balm, it prolongs the tan’s durability, moisturizes and smooths the epidermis, which emphasizes the effect of the sun-kissed skin.


The walnut extract in the balm gives the skin its golden tone, and the Aquamarine Complex perfectly hydrates and nourishes skin.

  • Aquamarine Complex
  • SunTan Booster
  • Walnut Extract

Spread the balm evenly over the skin of your body. You can use it as a preparation for sunbathing (apply 1-2 times a day for about 2 weeks before sunbathing), tan booster (apply about 30 minutes before sun exposure), tan extender (use 1-2 times a day to tanned skin to make the effect last longer).


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