How do I choose the best eye cream?


It could seem that a good face cream will be suitable also for under eye area, but this is not true. The skin in this place is much more delicate and requires special care to ensure its long-lasting young appearance and resistance to the passage of time. Learn how to choose the best eye cream.

Eye contour care

The skin round eyes is extremely delicate, primarily because it is much thinner than the skin in other areas of face. This is why it dries out more easily and is more susceptible to external factors – like frost or UV radiation. Collagen fibers in the eye area are weaker, so the skin loses its elasticity easier. And this leads to the formation of wrinkles, especially that the facial expressions do not spare these areas!

Limiting the facial movements is naturally no solution; therefore, irrespective of age, it is worth using eye and eyelid creams which contain firming, smoothing and moisturizing ingredients. With this you will improve the appearance of the eye contour and slow down the process of new wrinkle formation.

Bags and dark circles under eyes

Wrinkles are not the only problem that you can experience on the under eye skin. Already your lifestyle alone may make you dissatisfied with the appearance of the skin under your eyes and on your eyelids. Sleep deprivation, imprecisely cleansed face, improper diet, alcohol consumption and stress – all this take a toll on our appearance.

So, if after waking up you notice puffy eyes and the color of your skin leaves much to be desired, you know that it is high time to take action! A good cream and its regular use is enough.

What should the best eye cream contain?

Let’s start with what should be avoided in an eye cream. The delicate skin around eyes much easier reacts with irritations to the substances which can be valuable ingredients of typical facial creams. Therefore we should avoid potent ingredients, in particular those of artificial origin.

It would be much better to use natural extracts which act deep inside the skin and stimulate the natural skin renewal processes, like the concentrate from the „heart” of Wakame seaweed. It is one of the ingredients of the INTENSIVE REPAIR Light Anti-Wrinkle Eye and Eyelid Cream which helps to improve and preserve the good appearance of the skin around eyes. Instead of increasing the tension of the skin surface, the concentrate from the Wakame algae stimulates the natural synthesis of collagen - and this means that it puts the existing collagen fibers in order and stimulates the formation of the new ones. It is the collagen fibers which are responsible for the firmness and natural regeneration of skin; so we can count on the real and long-lasting effect of the improved appearance of the skin around eyes. In addition, the infusion ingredients - collagen spheres - fill in the small wrinkles and eliminate the effect of the so-called crow’s feet.

A more demanding, a bit older skin can be helped by the INTENSIVE REPAIR Rich Anti-Wrinkle Eye and Eyelid Cream which in addition to the beneficial concentrate from the “heart” of the Wakame algae contains also the modern infusion ingredients, that is lipopeptides. They penetrate the deep skin layers where they also affect positively the formation of collagen fibers, by thickening the very thin skin around eyes and filling wrinkles. Another ingredient which contributes to the smoother and younger appearance of the skin is the silk tree extract which stimulates the repair processes to lift the droopy eyelids. This way the skin around eyes becomes more toned and the wrinkles less visible.

The best eye cream is the cream which has anti-wrinkle effect and at the same time moisturizes skin. This way we will achieve the effect which calms irritations, eliminates dark circles and bags under eyes, and which regenerates skin permanently and prevents the formation of new wrinkles.

How to use an eye cream?

A good eye and eyelid cream should be included into the daily skin care routine. Applied twice daily onto the cleansed skin, it will provide long-lasting effects and improve the appearance of this sensitive skin permanently.

When applying the eye cream it is important to keep in mind a few details:

  • Small amount of the cream - the thin skin can absorb the limited amount of the cosmetic, so it is not worth putting on a thicker layer in the hope that it will work better - we will only put unnecessary load on this delicate skin;
  • Dabbing instead of rubbing - stretching the skin around eyes only makes the existing wrinkles deeper, so the eye cream should be patted in gently. Start from the inner corner of the eye and move in the direction of the outer corner, patting the skin with the pad of your finger with a small amount of the cream. In order to avoid the excessive pressure you can use your ring finger instead of the index finger;
  • Gentle skin massage - the massage improves the blood supply to the skin and in consequence its ability to absorb nutrients from cosmetics, but the delicate eyelid skin requires that the massage be done very carefully. Having applied the cream, put your finger pads on your eyelids of under eye skin and perform circular movements without pressing the skin; continue this way for several seconds.

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