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INTENSIVE REPAIR Rich Anti-Wrinkle Eye and Eyelid Cream

Rich anti-wrinkle eye and eyelid cream, owing to the collaboration of the repair concentrate from the “heart” of Wakame seaweed, infusion ingredients - Infusion Lipopeptides, and the silk tree extract, makes the wrinkles less noticeable, eyelids seem lifted and you have a cheerful look.

Rich anti-wrinkle eye and eyelid cream utilizes the simultaneous action of the natural repair concentrate from the “heart” of Wakame seaweed and advanced, anti-ageing new generation infusion ingredients. As a result, the cosmetics effectively remedy the undesired effects of the passing time and supply the skin with ingredients that “darn” the skin structures torn in the process of ageing.

Concentrate from the “heart” of Wakame seaweed provides versatile stimulation of skin renewal - natural collagen synthesis. It creates new collagen fibers in the skin and arranges the existing ones.

Infusion ingredients - Lipopeptides - saturate deeper layers of the skin, stimulating collagen synthesis, thickening the very thin skin around eyes and filling the wrinkles. As a result, restoring smoother appearance.

The cream has been further enriched with the silk tree extract that saturates the skin with substances which strongly stimulate the repair processes to lift the droopy eyelids. As a result, eyelids look lifted, wrinkles are less noticeable.

Effects of regular use:*

  • effect of lifted eyelids in 74% of women
  • effect of rejuvenated skin around the eyes in 89% of women
  • feeling of improved tension of the skin around the eyes in 96% of women
  • reduced depth of wrinkles around the eyes, so called “crow’s feet”, in 89% of women

*4 weeks, tests on the group of 27 women aged 60+

  • Marine Algae

Apply the cream every morning and evening to the cleansed skin of your face, including the “crow’s feet”. Massage in gently. The cream gets absorbed quickly and works perfectly as a daily care used under make-up.


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