How can I sunbathe safely?


The recipe for successful sunbathing on the beach includes not only great weather, friendly company and bathing in the warm sea, but also the pleasant and easy skin protection from the sun. When you go for holiday, take Soraya with you; it will suggest you how to sunbathe safely and care for your skin in the summer.

The sun-kissed skin looks attractive, but staying in the sunlight for a long time can also have negative effects if you don’t sunbathe safely.


When sunbathing, use a sunscreen cream

A sunscreen cream will protect your skin against the effects of UVA and UVB radiation. It will prevent skin’s photoaging and sunburns – certainly you don’t want to hide in your hotel room already on the second day of your holiday!


Learn what your skin phototype is and how to choose the right sunscreen

Use cosmetic products according to the instructions of their manufacturer. Spread evenly the sunscreen cream, balm or dry oil (e.g. from the Soraya Sun Care line) on your skin and massage in thoroughly minimum 20 minutes before going into the sunlight. Repeat the application after each bathing and toweling to ensure effective sun protection for the whole day.


Avoid sunlight at noon

Especially in hot weather avoid sunbathing between 11.00 a.m. and 3.00 p.m. when the rays of the sun are the strongest. If you have other plans, don’t forget about a bottle of water, sunglasses, head cover and a sunscreen with the highest SPF value, e.g. Waterproof Sun Balm SPF 50 from the Soraya Sun Care line which blocks 98% of UVB radiation and prolongs the time of safe staying in the sun 50-fold.


Protect head and eyes from sunlight

Not only skin needs protection against the sun. Invest in good sunglasses purchased at the optician’s – the protection provided by those available for several złotys from supermarkets may be scarce. If your eyesight is impaired, you can buy corrective sunglasses.

Going to the beach, take a hat, a cap or a scarf in light colors which reflect the sun rays. Overheating may even lead to stroke! If you experience headache and dizziness, increased heartbeat – go to the shadow immediately, preferably with someone accompanying you.


Prepare your skin for sunbathing before holidays

Although tan boosters do not contain sunscreens protecting from UVB and UVA radiation, their components stimulate melanin production in the skin. For two weeks before going for holidays you can use e.g. Soraya Sun Express Bronze 3in1 with cocoa butter. In this period, it is also important to modify your diet and ensure proper skin hydration. Learn about more ways to prepare your skin for sunbathing!

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