How do I choose the right shade of foundation?


The well-chosen foundation is... invisible. There is nothing worse than the fluid which does not match the skin tone and causes the mask effect on our face. A skin matching foundation corresponds to the skin’s natural color and has the same tone. We will choose one shade of foundation for light skin tone, and a different one after the holiday when we want to emphasize our tan.

Checking the shade of foundation on the inside of your wrist is a myth - the skin in this place has the shade different from the one on your face.

What to do in order to choose the right shade of foundation for our skin?


  1. Select three foundations with similar shades, from the lightest one to slightly darker one - e.g. Soraya Aqua Matt in the shades of light beige, natural and warm beige.
  2. Apply three streaks of foundations just next to each other on the jaw line.
  3. Gently spread the foundations on the skin. On the jaw line you can see best which foundation contrasts with the skin color and which one matches it. Moreover, when comparing three foundations at the same time, you can best see the differences among them.
  4. Choose the foundation which blends perfectly with your skin, i.e. is the least visible. Always test foundations in the daylight. Artificial light can make the shades seem different than in reality.

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