How do I choose the right foundation for my skin?


Foundation is our best friend which allows us to enjoy our favorite make-up much longer. It gives us the effect of freshness and conceals imperfections. A perfectly selected foundation should have the shade matching the color of our skin and should also care for our skin.

How to select the right foundation for your skin type in order to look beautiful and feel comfortable?

A foundation for oily and combination skin should give the effect of matt finish which not only conceals imperfections but in the first place reduces skin shine – in particular in the T-zone. The perfect choice is a fluid with matting ingredients which absorb the excess sebum like micro sponges, but do not clog pores.


The effect of a matting sebum-off pad is ensured by Soraya Aqua Matt foundations. They contain SilkyBlur Complex, which combines silk proteins with a blur-type pigment; the pigment reflects and disperses light and gives the effect of concealing imperfections.


If we need a foundation for normal or dry skin, choose a fluid with moisturizing ingredients (e.g. hyaluronic acid). The foundation with moisturizing formula spreads easily on the skin and ensures its perfect care. Cream foundations belonging to the Soraya Aqua Satin line contain VitaHyal Complex composed of vitamins and hyaluronic acid, thus soothing dry skin and smoothing it gently.


Which foundation should be chosen for young skin and which is the best for mature skin?

For the young skin in good condition it is enough to choose a light foundation which will highlight its natural look and give it the effect of freshness, at the same time ensuring its hydration for at least several hours.


For the mature skin, smoothing and hydrating cover fluid will be the right choice – just like Soraya Aqua Cover with hyaluronic acid. It gently conceals the mesh of wrinkles, moisturizes skin and smooths it thus making it look younger... and we also can feel younger!

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