What are the properties of Argan Oil?


Argan oil is a natural cosmetic with numerous applications, which has been well-known and appreciated for centuries. It works out great on the dry skin of face and body; it can also be used on hair, nails and even eyelashes. It moisturizes, nourishes, regenerates, but not only. It is also considered to be effective in combating acne, stretch marks and cellulite. Why is it worth using argan oil? How to use it?

Argan oil – the cosmetic properties


Have you known them all?

Argan oil contains primarily unsaturated fatty acids and large amounts of vitamin E. Such composition guarantees the positive impact of the cosmetic product on the skin of face, body, hair and nails. We can apply it on dry lips, damaged hair ends, stretch marks after pregnancy or persistent hangnails. The range of applications of the argan oil is huge, and its cosmetic properties are confirmed by hundreds of years of its use in the cosmetic industry.


See what argan oil can do for your skin, hair and nails:


Argan body oil

Due to its content of fatty acids and vitamin E, argan oil has moisturizing, disinfecting, soothing, regenerating and firming effect. It improves skin condition and regenerates epidermis. It has soothing effect in case of skin irritations or sunburns as well as skin allergies. It has antioxidative effect (prevents cell damage resulting from the harmful impact of free radicals).

For body care we recommend e.g. MAGIC OF OILS Hydrating Body Balm with argan and chia oils.


Argan facial oil

In addition to its moisturizing, nourishing and regenerating properties, argan oil applied on the face has also the anti-wrinkle effect, rejuvenating the skin and improving its elasticity.

Its antibacterial properties help to minimize acne and skin problems, e.g. psoriasis.

If you look for a light oil treatment for your face, we recommend for example MAGIC OF OILS Hydrating Face Cream with argan and chia oils.


Argan hands and nails oil

The oil obtained from the argan tree helps to regenerate weak, damaged and brittle nails. Rubbing a few oil drops (preferably 2-3 times daily) into the nail plate will strengthen nails and stimulate their growth. The oil will soften and regenerate also the rough skin of your hands.

You can use argan oil for hands and nails also in the form of a cream. Try e.g. MAGIC OF OILS Deeply Regenerating Hand Cream with argan and coconut oils.


Argan hair oil

Argan oil applied on your hair will improve the hair’s condition (nourishes and moisturizes hair), adds gloss, eliminates dandruff, and applied to hair ends – prevents their splitting.

Argan oil will work perfectly in the case of frizzy or difficult to detangle hair – it will facilitate combing, make hair smooth and less frizzy.

The oil from the argan tree will also calm the scalp irritations. Moreover – it stimulates hair follicles for growth.


How to use argan body oil?

To make use of the beneficial properties of the argan oil we should apply it primarily directly onto the skin – it is enough to apply a few drops and then massage them into the body gently, but thoroughly.


How to use argan hair oil?

If we want to improve the condition and appearance of hair, we should spread a small amount of the oil on their entire length, from the follicles to hair ends, and then comb them.

Remember that you can also add the oil to your favorite cosmetics, like body balms, hair masks and hand creams, thus enhancing their conditioning effects.

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