How should I care for my oily and combination skin?


Oily and combination skin is the most common; this is why many people is of the opinion that the slightly shine is perfectly normal. But it doesn’t have to be that way! These types of skin require the same attentive care as dry and sensitive skin. Oily and combination skin also can look better!

Problems of oily and combination skin

The basic problem of oily and combination skin is the overproduction of sebum, i.e. the oily film which provides natural skin protection against the external factors and water loss. In addition, oily and combination skin undergoes keratinization more quickly. This leads to the accumulation of bacteria and, in consequence, blackheads and other imperfections appear in the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin), and the skin shines unattractively. This is why it is so important to restore the natural balance and hydration of the skin.


The skin with excess sebum is not hydrated

Many people assume that the shiny parts of the skin are moisturized by the layer of sebum. Unfortunately, this is a myth. Very often the skin of this type is dehydrated, especially if we use products containing alcohol to cleanse it. Alcohol removes the oily film but at the same time irritates and strongly dries out the skin and this leads to even more intensive production of sebum. Cosmetics for oily and combination skin should have hydrating, matting and astringent effect.


Weekly skin care ritual for oily and combination skin

  • Cleansing twice daily – in the morning and in the evening we cleanse the skin with a gel intended for our skin type. Gels with antibacterial and toning effects will be perfect in this case.
  • Day cream – it should have a light texture and provide good hydration to the skin, in order to prevent it from producing excess sebum. A product which will work well here is for example the Soraya IDEAL BEAUTY Light Hydro-Cream, containing also the matting ingredients.
  • Make-up – a foundation for oily and combination skin should be light and should not clog pores, and have long-lasting matting effect, like Soraya AQUA MATT foundations. For special events and occasions we can sometimes use transparent make-up bases which even out the imperfections but are not recommended for use during the day.
  • Make-up removal and toning – if we have skin prone to the excessive production of sebum, we should avoid cleansing milks and creams. Much better choice would be a micellar solution (e.g. from the CLINIC CLEAN line), which removes make-up and impurities perfectly, without rubbing and irritations, and a proper tonic which will restore the skin’s natural pH.
  • Night cream – our skin undergoes the most intensive regeneration at night and it is worth supporting this process; also at night the absorption of active ingredients from the creams is the best. When choosing a night cream for oily and combination skin we should remember that it should have moisturizing properties and a light texture.
  • Mask and peeling – the oily skin which keratinizes quickly requires frequent exfoliation, even twice weekly. If we do not have problems in the form of e.g. purulent lesions, we can choose a grain peel which cleanses mechanically and on the skin surface. In the case of acne-prone skin, however, we’d better choose enzymatic peels which act more delicately and penetrate the deeper layers of the skin. Both types of peelings help to get rid of blackheads and minimize them. The regular skin care should also include a mask with astringent effect which will also tighten the skin pores.


UV protection

A skin with the tendency to become oily is very sensitive to sunlight. Its drying effect increases the sebum production and accelerates the bacterial growth. For these reasons, sunscreen creams should be used all year. Although in winter the oily and combination skin copes quite well with wind and frost, the intensive winter sun irritates it to the same extent as in the summer. The creams with UV filters are used not only while sunbathing, but also on a daily basis, in particular with the delicate facial skin in mind.

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