Facial cleansing – step by step


Face washing allows to remove from the skin the remains of make-up or natural secretions – sebum and sweat – but primarily to clean it from impurities, e.g. city dust, car fumes or fine particles. If the face cleansing is to be effective, it is important that it proceed in stages.

Why is face cleansing so important?

Each of us knows how little is needed to transform the clogged pores into imperfections. Every day our skin is exposed to huge amounts of bacteria and dust, even if our environment is seemingly clean.

  • Bacteria we carry on our hands
  • Pollution from air conditioning system
  • Dust
  • Car fumes
  • Sweat and sebum secreted by skin

– all this can clog our pores and make the skin with impurities look grey and tired. If our face is not cleansed regularly, the appearance of imperfections may be just the question of time.

For these reasons, facial skin should be cleansed at least twice daily – in the morning we remove the residues of the cream applied at night as well as of the sweat and sebum produced by our skin when we slept. In the afternoon or in the evening we clean our face from make-up, sweat and impurities.

Facial cleansing in three simple steps

Step 1 – make-up removal

First of all we have to remember to remove make-up (if we applied it that day) – we should wash the face with a micellar solution or make-up removing solution or milk, e.g. CLINIC CLEAN Smoothing Make-Up Remover Milk for all skin types.

Step 2 – face washing

When the skin is free from make-up, it is enough to wash the face with a facial wash gel, e.g. CLINIC CLEAN Refreshing Facial Wash Gel. It is important that the face wash product be free from soap (soap has alkaline pH, while the facial skin – slightly acidic pH), fragrances and preservatives (e.g. SLS, alcohol, parabens), irritate or tighten the skin or damage its lipid layer.

Step 3 – peeling or mask

To make sure that the skin is cleansed thoroughly, it is worth using peels and cleansing masks from time to time. The peeling should be chosen depending on the skin type. In case of normal skin, the good choice will be CLINIC CLEAN Double Exfoliating Peeling for dry/normal skin with fragmented nutshells which will remove the dead epidermis. If you have more demanding skin – sensitive, prone to e.g. acne or mature, we recommend using CLINIC CLEAN Enzymatic Peeling which provides skin with refreshed and radiant look and has dissolving and not abrasive effect. Finally, oily and combination skin can be cleansed with the help of coarse-grain peelings (e.g. CLINIC CLEAN Triple Exfoliating Peeling for oily/combination skin) and peels-off.

Hydration and care

Having cleansed our face with the appropriate preparation, it has to be toned. Tonics have moisturizing effect, refresh skin and restore its natural pH. In particular we recommend CLINIC CLEAN Calming&Hydrating Tonic for all skin types which purifies skin and prepares it for further treatment – application of a mask or cream.

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