10 commandments of eternal youth


Who of us would not want to be always young and beautiful? And who of us does not tremble thinking about old age? Meanwhile, age is nothing to be afraid of. Of course, our body undergoes numerous changes and the skin is no longer so firm as it used to be, and silver threads ornament the temples. But who says that a mature woman can no longer look beautiful and attractive. The secret of good looks is in regularly repeated small daily rituals. They are simpler than you think. Check for yourself and examine your conscience;)

Sport means health (and beauty)

Sounds banal, doesn’t it? But it’s true! Research proves that daily physical exercise of medium intensity improves circulation, increases respiratory capacity and boosts endorphins. So, off you go for a walk!

A healthy mind in a healthy body

Good health makes you look good. Beautifully pinkish complexion and a sparkle in the eye are a must. To maintain this condition, it is a good idea to make regular check-ups and consult any worrying symptoms. Even if only to hear that you are still as fit as a fiddle!

Sleep well (and long)

Coco Chanel used to say that nothing would make her go to bed after midnight. We must admit that she was right. Enough sleep in accordance with the daily cycle is a promise of skin regeneration, slim body and perfect condition.

Keep your distance!

Problems are a part of our life. We all have them. However, it is not a good idea to let them take the better of you. Do not dwell on them, do not agonise and do not focus on black scenarios only. Reservoirs of internal peace are beautifully reflected on our faces!

Eat healthy!

You are what you eat! Invest in vegetables, make sure your meals are well balance and replace sweet drinks with water. Of course, from time to time you may treat yourself with
a piece of delicious chocolate.

Live to the fullest!

You sing, or love dancing, or maybe you like crocheting? Excellent! Every hobby you enjoy reinvigorates your mind and your body, and a person with passion never gets old.

Take care of your skin!

After 50 years of age, the skin becomes more demanding. It is a challenge to provide it with the necessary substances and refill the shrinking hyaluronic acid resources. This is how the Hyaluronic Microinjection Duo Forte works. This line of beauty products improve the skin’s condition and fill in wrinkles and furrows from within (e.g. the Deep wrinkle filler cream 60+ day and night) and also excellently hydrate and nourish the skin, forming on its surface
a network supplying B vitamins.

Live your life sober!

A glass of wine adds to the taste of you dinner and a little prosecco livens up a party. It is all out there for us, but let us remember that alcohol dehydrates the skin and exposes it to the attack of free radicals. So let us drink it rarely and in small amounts.

Toughen up!

We have always been told to “keep warm”. But warm temperature increases our susceptibility to infection.  To stay healthy in every weather, we should toughen up a little. A good idea is to change from warm to cold water when showering or to walk in cool water for a dozen or so minutes, or to exercise by an open window for a couple of minutes. Also, room temperature should be around 20 degrees Celsius.

Get your beauty from the sun!

Some world treasures are available completely for free. One of them is vitamin D. It is believed to stimulate strong bones, peaceful sleep and health. Where do you get it from? Straight from the sun! It is enough to spend 20-40 minutes (depending on the complexion) in an unshaded place to provide your body with a sufficient dose of this precious substance and treat yourself to a healthy and beautiful, sun-touched look.

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