How can I prevent wrinkles?


Wrinkles appear on our faces mostly before we are ready for them. They make us look older, more serious and stern. Probably none of us is fond of them, but not all of us know that it is definitely easier to prevent the occurrence of wrinkles than to fight with those already present. How to slow down the skin aging processes?

If you wonder how to prevent wrinkles, you probably know already that their appearance is only the question of time. Our skin ages – this is a natural process which can’t be stopped, we can – firstly – delay it, and – secondly – slow it down.

How to prevent wrinkles before they appear?

Protection from the sun

Solar radiation accelerates the ageing of our skin. Therefore, on sunny days we should remember about using a sunscreen cream with the correct SPF for the phototype of our skin (check how to choose a sunscreen). It is important to apply the cream approx. 20-30 minutes before going out into the sunlight and then repeat the application every few hours.

Due to the negative impact of UV radiation on the skin, we should also give up our visits to the solarium – they contribute to even faster skin aging and carry the risk of cancer diseases.


A well-hydrated skin is firm and supple. In turn, dehydrated skin loses its tension, becomes saggy and prone to the appearance of wrinkles. In order to keep the proper level of skin hydration we should drink minimum 8 glasses of water daily. It is also worth drinking green tea – it contains free radicals which delay the aging process.

Use of appropriate creams

In wrinkle prevention it is extremely important to moisturize skin by using the appropriate moisturizing creams. It is worth choosing the creams which in addition to active moisturizing ingredients contain also nourishing and smoothing agents which add glow to the skin and improve its appearance, like for example cream-essences from the SORAYA Ideal Beauty line with a rose extract.

If you have already noticed the first wrinkles and you want to focus on reducing their depth and preventing the appearance of the next wrinkles, use anti-wrinkle creams.

In our SORAYA Intensive Repair line you will find repair anti-wrinkle day creams for all age group and skin types, anti-wrinkle eye and eyelid creams and the Repair Night Cream-Mask. The Intensive Repair line is based on the unique conception of the cooperation between the reparative power of nature and technology. In every product you will find the concentrate from the „heart” of the Wakame seaweed and the thoroughly selected infusion ingredients adequate for the skin’s age and needs.

Proper diet

The skin, in order to preserve its youth and vitality for long, needs a lot of vitamins and nutrients. For keeping your skin in good condition, vitamins A,E, C and K are the most important. You can find them in the highest amount among others in the following products:

  • milk and eggs,
  • oily fish,
  • brassica vegetables, kale, Brussels sprouts, lettuce,
  • berries,
  • potatoes,
  • yellow and green fruit,
  • cereal products,
  • nuts,
  • broccoli,
  • spinach.

Healthy lifestyle

It has also been proved that smoking speeds up the skin ageing and the resulting formation of wrinkles. The studies demonstrate that the smokers’ skin ages three times faster than the skin of non-smokers – it is grey, saggy with vertical wrinkles around mouth.

Anti-wrinkle massages for facial skin

Daily massages of the facial and décolletage skin (especially when combined with the use of the appropriate cream) may increase skin firmness and elasticity significantly, thus delaying the moment of the appearance of wrinkles. In the first place, the massages prevent lymphatic congestions and edemas; as a result, microcirculation improves and our skin is nourished, regains firmness and tone.

The general rule of anti-wrinkle massages is that we do them with bottom-up movements, i.e. contrary to gravitation. So, we can perform an anti-wrinkle massage for example by „stretching” the skin with index fingers from the line between eyebrows towards the temples or by lifting the corners of the mouth (upwards so as to obtain the smile effect).

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