How can I combat under eye wrinkles?


The very delicate skin around the eyes needs considerate care in each age. It is particularly prone to wrinkles which can make us look tired or sad. How can we combat under eye wrinkles?

Always cleanse your face at night.

Always remember to cleanse your skin before you go to sleep. Leaving your make-up on overnight may speed up skin ageing and make skin dry! Use gentle cosmetics intended for eye make-up removal (e.g. micellar solution or milk) which will care for your skin type. They should contain moisturizing and nourishing ingredients, valuable for the skin under eyes, and supporting its regeneration.

Remove make-up very gently, slowly and thoroughly, e.g. using soaked cotton pads. Don’t rub the skin around eyes to avoid its irritation, and don’t stretch it as this speeds up the appearance of wrinkles.

Use anti-wrinkle eye cream

After cleansing your skin in the evening and before putting on make-up in the morning, apply the proper eye cream, e.g. Soraya Liftensive Anti-Wrinkle Cream which has firming and regenerating effect and contains intensively hydrating hyaluronic acid.

With your finger pads, very gently dab the anti-wrinkle cream on skin and wait until it is absorbed. After its application the skin under eyes should look smooth and gently tightened.

Fight with wrinkles with diet and healthy lifestyle

Our lifestyle inevitably influences the skin ageing process. Always get enough sleep and avoid sleeping on your stomach, as this position causes high pressure on your face, and the face skin wrinkles up and rubs the pillow. The best way to avoid the so-called “sleep wrinkles” is sleeping on your back.

The diet also can slow down the process of wrinkle formation under eyes. A balanced diet should be rich in:

  • vitamin A (called the youth vitamin) – supports skin regeneration,
  • vitamin B5 – improves skin elasticity and smooths skin,
  • vitamin C – ascorbic acid is necessary for the production of collagen which is responsible for skin elasticity,
  • vitamin E – fights free radicals.

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