SUN CARE Soothing After Sun Gel for Kids - Soraya

SUN CARE Soothing After Sun Gel for Kids

Soraya knows that the delicate skin of a child requires exceptional protection. Soothing After Sun Gel is the ideal first aid skin care product recommended especially for the delicate and sensitive skin of children over 12 months of age.

The soothing after sun gel alleviates irritations and redness caused by staying in the sun too long. Calming d-panthenol perfectly hydrates and regenerates the irritated and sun-dried epidermis and brings immediate relief. The product spreads easily and absorbs quickly without leaving a sticky feeling

  • D-panthenol

Spread the gel gently over the reddened skin and leave to absorb. Apply more on places where the skin is particularly irritated by the sun or dry. In the case of severe skin reddening or sunburn seek medical advice.


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