SUN CARE Hydrating After Sun Balm - Soraya

SUN CARE Hydrating After Sun Balm

Soraya knows that the beautiful skin is the result of perfect care after sunbathing. Hydrating After Sun Balm is a tan extending skin care product, recommended especially after sunbathing as well as after visiting a tanning salon.

The after sun balm ensures the effect of prolonged tan.

  • It contains caramel and beta-carotene makes the skin tone slightly darker to underline its tone after sunbathing.
  • Hydrating marine algae protect the epidermis from drying out or roughness, making the skin attractive, radiant and velvety smooth.
  • The formula spreads easily without being sticky or leaving an oily film.
  • Marine Algae

Spread the balm gently over the skin and massage until absorbed. Avoid contact with clothing until the balm is completely absorbed.


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