SUN CARE Express Bronze Hydrating Tan Accelerator 3 in 1 - Soraya

SUN CARE Express Bronze Hydrating Tan Accelerator 3 in 1

Soraya knows that the beautiful skin is the result of perfect care. Express Bronze Hydrating Tan Accelerator 3 in 1, recommended jest especially for use on the beach as well as in a tanning salon as a starter, accelerator and tan extending balm. Used regularly, shortens the time need to obtain nice, natural tan.

The Sun Tan Booster contained in the product accelerates the tanning process. Thanks to its extra ingredients providing skin care – walnut extract, which slightly darkens the skin tone, and hydrating d-panthenol and allantoin - the skin becomes velvety smooth and radiant, and the tan effect is prolonged. The product spreads easily without being sticky or leaving white spots or an oily film.

  • Allantoin
  • D-panthenol
  • SunTan Booster
  • Walnut Extract

Spread the accelerator evenly over your body. You can use this product as:                                                                

  • preparation for sunbathing: apply 1-2 times daily about 2 weeks before your holiday
  • tan accelerator: use regularly before going out into the sun
  • tan extender: apply daily on tanned skin  

The product does not contain UV filters and it does not protect skin from sunburns and harmful effects of sun. Before going out into the sun, following the application of the accelerator use a sun balm with UV filters.


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