FRESH&CREAMY Creamy Shower Gel “Gentleness” - Soraya

FRESH&CREAMY Creamy Shower Gel “Gentleness”

Family Fresh Gentleness is a creamy shower gel with a mild scent of the prettiest summer flowers.

Family Fresh Gentleness is a pure pleasure for the whole family!

Delicate foam with the silk extract makes your morning shower the luxurious beginning of the day. We drew inspiration for the creation of this gentle shower gel with the nourishing silk extract and the scent of the most beautiful summer flowers from the uniqueness of nature. From white nights in the north to the salty breeze in the west. From wonderfully flowery meadows to the gorgeous fir forests. Feel the nature in your bathroom with Family Fresh!

  • Silk Extract

Apply a small amount of the gel onto damp skin. Afterwards, rinse thoroughly with clean water.


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