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BODY DIET 24 Bust Cream - firming and modelling

BODY DIET24 FIRMING AND MODELLING bust cream provides complex care for the bust’s skin, improves its firmness and elasticity. Models the shape of the bust and makes it look fuller.

BODY DIET24 FIRMING AND MODELLING bust cream has been created for women who want a complex care for the skin of their bust: improve its firmness and elasticity, and make their bust look fuller and more attractive.

The formula based on the active lipolifting technology uses the ingredients which act on 3 levels of the skin!

  • Lipid filler acts on the deepest skin level, stimulating the function of fat cells and increasing the volume of the fatty layer. It lifts the breasts and models their shape, providing the “push-up” effect.
  • Natural collagen perfectly increases skin moisture level and firmness; your bust looks more attractive and your skin regains its suppleness.
  • Natural betaine intensively hydrates the bust’s skin to make it more toned and smoother.

Confirmed results after 4 weeks of treatment*:

  • 97% – improved skin firmness and suppleness*
  • 97% – improved skin elasticity
  • 97% – improved skin tension
  • 63% - "push-up” effect

* satisfaction survey in the group of women who used the cream for 4 weeks

  • Betaine
  • Collagen
  • Lipid Filler

Massage the cream with circular movements into your bust’s skin until it is completely absorbed. Use twice daily.


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