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BODY DIET 24 Body Serum - stretch mark prevention

BODY DIET24 STRETCH MARK PREVENTION serum supports women in the care for body parts at risk of stretch mark appearance. Improves firmness, smoothness and elasticity of your skin.

BODY DIET24 STRETCH MARK PREVENTION serum cares for body parts at risk of loss of skin elasticity and stretch mark formation. It is intended in particular for women who gain or lose weight rapidly. The formula with cooling effect uses the PRO-ELASTIC technology that improves skin firmness and elasticity to limit the risk of stretch mark formation.

  • Field horsetail and Centella asiatica extracts stimulate and support collagen and elastin synthesis in the skin, preventing its flaccidity.
  • Frambinon - obtained from anise, has positive effect on skin elasticity.
  • Adipobloker - inhibits adipogenesis or maturation of fat cells, thus preventing the increase in their numbers. Guarana extract - contains caffeine, minerals and flavonoids. It boosts blood circulation and stimulates fat burning in cells.
  • Vitamin E - nourishes the epidermis, smooths skin and improves its elasticity. It has antioxidative effect.

Confirmed results after 4 weeks of treatment*:

  • 100% - smoothed epidermis
  • 90% – improved skin elasticity
  • 90% - improved skin appearance and condition
  • 85% – improved skin firmness and suppleness

* satisfaction survey in the group of women who used the serum for 4 weeks

  • Adipoblocker
  • Centella Asiatica Extract
  • Field Horsetail Extract
  • Frambion
  • Guarana
  • Vitamin E

Apply the preparation over the areas at risk of stretch marks. Massage until it is completely absorbed. Use 2 times a day.


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