SORAYA Magic of Oils - the most recent review at - Soraya
SORAYA Magic of Oils - the most recent review at

SORAYA Magic of Oils - the most recent review at

Ola Kisiel, the editor of the portal, performed the testing of the cosmetics from the new line Magic of Oils in the framework of the cycle #nawłasnejskórze [on my own skin]. How did our novelties come out?

Our holiday premiere - the SORAYA Magic of Oils line – is a proposal for all those who appreciate the nourishing effects of oils but don’t want to burden their skin. The lightweight formulas of cosmetics provide excellent hydration and regeneration, get absorbed rapidly and on not leave a greasy film on the skin. The editor of the portal - Ola Kisiel – decided to check it in the framework of the cycle #nawłasnejskórze. She received for the tests: SORAYA Magic of Oils Nourishing Body Balm for dry skin SORAYA Magic of Oils Magic Moisturizing Face Cream Regenerating hand cream Intensively nourishing mask The nourishing body balm turned out to be a bull’s eye. As we can read in the review: "After one week (skin – editor’s note) is noticeably softer and moisturized. It looks better and I don’t have the unpleasant feeling of tightened skin, which previously was common, in particular after a long bath. Soraya values my time – after applying the balm I don’t have to wait before I dress, and in the morning these minutes are priceless." The moisturizing face cream also passed the exam. Ola has dry, sensitive and couperose skin. She was concerned whether our cosmetic could moisture her face sufficiently well or whether it would work as a cream for under the foundation. It appeared that she could not have picked a better product: "My skin is moisturized, there is no feeling of tension which is often the problem when we are stuck with hard municipal water. Already after few days I feel that my skin returns to life and slowly starts forgiving me the holiday sins of negligence and over-drying." When testing the intensive nourishing face mask, Ola surprised us a bit: "The producer recommends to leave the mask on the skin for 10 minutes and then massage in its residues. I decided to go one step further and applied a portion of the cosmetic at bedtime to let it have plenty of time for working. And this was a bull’s eye. My skin in the morning was smooth, illuminated and perfectly hydrated. Even without the foundation its tone was even, and pores invisible. In one word - the ideal!" Similarly to the majority of consumers, Ola appreciates when a hand cream absorbs quickly and has a nice scent, but something completely different decided that our cosmetic stole her heart: "The cosmetic smells beautiful. But it wasn’t the smell but the effectiveness of the hand cream made me end my relationship with my former cosmetic and choose the one with the logo of Soraya.” We are extremely proud that the Magic of Oils line could be tested in the portal We encourage you to read the full review of #nawłasnejskórze and to discover your own favorites from this line. Learn more about the Magic of Oils line and try our ultralight, oil care for yourself!


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