Press conference presenting the new line Soraya Ideal Beauty!

Press conference presenting the new line Soraya Ideal Beauty!

“ONE GESTURE IS ENOUGH TO MAKE YOU FEEL MORE BEAUTIFUL” - this was the slogan of the press conference dedicated to Soraya’s newest line ”IDEAL BEAUTY”, held on May 13, 2016 in the Sokolnicki Fort in Warsaw. This is a line dedicated to young women which has initiated the relaunch of the brand.

The new Soraya is very woman-friendly, safe, effective and modern. The brand moves with the times. It has changed in line with the expectations of the Polish women. It responds to the latest trends and the changing world. This information was provided by Ewa Wdowinska - Marketing Manager in her presentation. The conference was hosted by Patricia Kazadi, an actress and a singer, elegant and witty as always. The meeting was also attended by the Managing Director, Rafał Szczepkowski, who presented the information about changes in the ownership structure, and the Marketing Director, Elżbieta Mudź, who spoke about the new strategy and promotional campaigns of the brand. The guest of the conference was Maciej Obuchowicz, the Strategic Director of the Lemon Sky agency, who in his role of an expert discussed the directions of changes in the needs and expectations of Polish women The organizers presented to the participants of the conference the refreshed logo and slogan of Soraya: MY SKINS’ BEST FRIEND.


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