You will stun everybody this autumn! - Soraya

You will stun everybody this autumn!

Typically, lack of skin energy is contributed to bad weather, low temperatures and lack of sun. However, its main factor is mitochondrial ageing. It means loss and reduced activity of energy centres (the mitochondria). They are located in every cell and are responsible for protective and regenerative processes in the skin. Their loss weakens fibroblasts, i.e. the cells responsible for collagen and hyaluronic acid synthesis, which causes deterioration of the skin’s condition and formation of the first wrinkles. If you are 30+, don’t get enough sleep and are always on the run, your skin gets dry and loses all its radiance. Luckily, this can be prevented!

Be beautiful from head...

Even if you had another short night, your skin may be stunningly energised. The Soraya Taurine Energy wake-up serum for young wrinkles will give your skin a dose of strongly stimulating caffeine and energising plant taurine. The Soraya Taurine Energy illuminating anti-fatigue eye cream will conceal dark circles under the eyes and illuminate your look with the Energy shine complex. Do you miss sun-touched skin? Choose the Ideal Beauty golden cream-essence for tired and dull skin. Not only will it irradiate your skin but it will also even its tone and ensure the effect of relaxed complexion.

... to toe!

In autumn and winter, the skin is more exposed to dehydration and irritation. The solution is the Ideal Beauty illuminating body lotion that will make your skin look beautiful, with a bright touch to it. Plant oils will nourish and hydrate the whole body and the illuminating particles will irradiate it in the blink of an eye. Who says you cannot shine with a golden radiance in winter?

Check out also the other products of the powerfully energising Soraya Taurine Energy line and the Ideal Beauty line that powerfully hydrates and instantly evens the skin tone for stunningly radiant skin this autumn!


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