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At last we heave the Polish golden autumn! This year, it took very long time to arrive, with early September almost as cold as winter. The temperature shock affected not only our wardrobe as we suddenly had to put on thick, winter sweaters - but also our complexion. Overnight, it became grey and lost its summer radiance. How do we take care of our skin, when the temperature drops, the sun is sparse, and smog concentration is rocketing?

Cleansing comes first

This is of course true all year round, but it is particularly important to carefully cleanse the skin in autumn and winter. Why? Because of lack of the sun, which adds radiance and vitamin D to the skin, and because of air pollution, which significantly increases as the heating season starts.

What to choose?

If your problem is shiny skin with enlarged pores, dark spots and visible blackheads, you need to take complex actions: exfoliate the epidermis, cleanse and minimise the pores, lighten dark spots and remove blemishes, while at the same time hydrating and mattifying the skin. Bearing in mind such skin care, we have developed the Soraya Care Control line with fruit acids, Anti-Pollution Complex and active carbon, perfect for daily care of problematic skin.

Where to start?

A frequent mistake is dehydration of oily and combination skin. When the skin is too dry (yes, that’s true, even oily skin may get too dry!), its defensive reaction is to increase sebum secretion even more. This is why it is so important to select the right beauty products for your skin.

However, every day, the first step should be to carefully and delicately cleanse the skin of make-up, impurities and excess sebum. A perfect choice here is the CARE CONTROL cleansing face wash foam. The fruit acids contained in its formula exfoliate the epidermis, reduce blemishes and unclog the pores, preparing the skin for subsequent treatment. Meanwhile, the Anti-Pollution Complex shields the skin against pollution, which is one of the causes of blemishes.

Ash and carbon for my beauty?

A perfect product for an even deeper cleansing is the CARE CONTROL deep cleansing peeling with volcanic ash rich in mineral ingredients. If used 2-3 times a week, it removes deep impurities, detoxifies, refreshes and smooths the skin, making it look fresh and healthy.

Another special agent for particularly acute skin problems is the CARE CONTROL black cleansing mask. It contains an active antibacterial salicylic acid formula, Acne blocker, which stabilises sebum secretion, yeast and soursop, which nourish the skin with B and C vitamins, and active carbon, which absorbs toxins. It is best to use the mask twice a week.

Beautiful no matter the weather!

Another step is to ensure the right pH level of your skin. The pore minimising toner of the Care Control line will tighten the pores and stimulate the skin’s protection against pollution. After such treatment, the skin more effectively absorbs moisturising and nourishing substances contained in the CARE CONTROL skin blemishes treatment cream with Anti-Pollution Complex, is matt and looks fresh and radiant even on grey and gloomy days.


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