SUN CARE Sun Balm SPF 10

Sun Balm SPF 10 with active protection system for dark skin tones, for skin familiar with the sun. For use in not very intensive sunlight.

Sun Balm SPF 10 is recommended for dark skin tones and for use in not intense sunlight. The active protection system, based on high quality, photostable UVA+B* filters; provides a wide range of protection against solar radiation, appearance of discolorations and skin photoaging processes.


Studies have confirmed that, when applied properly, the preparation:

  • extends 10 times the time of safe sun exposure,
  • provides SPF 10 protection, which corresponds to blocking 90% of UVB radiation,
  • protects against UVA radiation (PPD 8).


This is excellent care thanks to the Aquamarine Complex which moisturizes the epidermis and protects against dryness, and the SOSkin Complex which calms irritations and smooths the skin.

The balm has light texture, does not leave a sticky, viscous and oily film.

  • Aquamarine Complex
  • SOSkin Complex
  • UVA filter
  • UVB filter

Apply the balm liberally to your face and body skin about 20 minutes before going out into the sun, spread evenly. Reapply every 1—2 hours and each time after bathing and toweling.


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