SUN CARE After Sun Soothing Gel in sachets

After sun soothing gel in sachets calms irritations caused by too intensive sunbathing, moisturizes and regenerates.

After sun soothing gel with panthenol is the ideal first aid preparation after sun overdose. It calms irritations caused by too intensive sunbathing, perfectly moisturizes and regenerates. The gel spreads easily and gets absorbed quickly without leaving the sticky feeling.


D-panthenol (5%) provides excellent skin moisturization, calms irritations, alleviates burning sensation, tension and discomfort. It brings relief for irritated and damaged skin.


Spread the gel gently over the reddened skin and massage until it is absorbed. Apply more generously over areas particularly irritated by sun or dry. Use regularly until the symptoms of sunburn are resolved. In case of severe and extensive sunburn, seek medical advice.


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