INTENSIVE REPAIR Smoothing Repair Cream 40+

Smoothing repair cream with the repair concentrate from the “heart” of Wakame seaweed and infusion hyalurospheres helps to reduce the depth of wrinkles and to regain the naturally bright and younger appearance of the facial features.

Smoothing repair cream with the ingredients co-acting in order to repair effectively the damage that occurs with age in your skin. Natural active concentrate from the “heart” of Wakame seaweed provides versatile stimulation of skin renewal: it creates new collagen fibers in the skin and arranges the existing ones.

The reparative potential of natural algae is supported by the intense power of action of the infusion ingredients - Hyalurospheres. They saturate the skin, filling the wrinkles and improving the micro-relief of the epidermis.

As a result, your face regains it natural bright look, wrinkles become less visible and you feel that you look younger.

Effects visible already from the first use:

  • smoother skin in 100% of women improved skin comfort in 96% of women
  • skin tension effect in 84% of women

Effects of regular use:*

  • smoother skin in 100% of women
  • improved skin appearance reported by 100% of women
  • younger skin appearance reported by 96% of women
  • improved skin tension sensation reported by 88% of women
  • wrinkle and furrow reduction reported by 72% of women
  • reduced visibility of expression lines reported by 68% of women

*4 weeks, 25 women aged 40-49

  • Marine Algae

Apply the cream every morning and evening to the cleansed skin of your face. Massage in gently. The cream gets absorbed quickly and works perfectly as a daily care used under make-up.


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