IDEAL BEAUTY Light Day Hydro-Cream for normal/combination skin

If you are concerned with dehydrated, grey skin and you dream of smooth, perfectly beautiful complexion, you can rely on the effect of Soraya IDEAL BEAUTY Hydro-Cream for normal and combination skin.

Soraya IDEAL BEAUTY Hydro-Creams contain 80% of water in every jar, which gives them an exceptionally light, gel-like texture; inn the result, they are absorbed instantly without leaving a greasy, sticky film on the skin. For this reason they are the perfect under make-up care.

The unique formula of Hydro-Creams retains water in the skin for up to 6 hours guaranteeing the effect of soft and smooth skin for longer.

  • hydro block complex with hyaluronic acid instantly hydrates and smooths, making your skin look more attractive already from the first use.
  • aqua24 ensures optimal and long-lasting skin hydration.

Our Hydro-Cream ensures instant and lasting sensation of hydrated skin, even up to 12 hours, providing a pleasant effect of a moisturizing mask.


Effects visible already from the first use:

  • noticeably invigorates and refreshes
  • intensively moisturizes
  • slightly mattifies

Effects of regular use*:

  • noticeably and for long improves skin hydration
  • skin becomes soft and visibly smoothed
  • complexion is fresher

Dermatologically tested.

*4 weeks

  • Hyaluronic Acid

Apply over the cleansed skin of your face. Massage in gently. Use every morning.


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