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BODY DIET 24 Anti-Cellulite Anti-Glycation BALM

BODY DIET 24 Anti-Cellulite Anti-Glycation, a nourishing balm with an innovative formula founded on the combination of the Anti-Glycation Complex and the Cosmetic Liposuction Technology that uses innovative ingredients to make the skin on the belly, thighs and buttocks recover its dream appearance, density and resilience.

The scientists have discovered that sugar consumption not only contributes to the growth of fat tissue but also to the weakening of the skin's collagen foundation. This is due to the glycation process, in which sugar weakens collagen fibres. As a result, the skin loses its density and resilience, which contributes to cellulite formation on the belly, thighs and buttocks. Thus, it is not enough to lose weight in order to achieve the dream-body effect.


The nourishing Body Diet 24 Anti-cellulite Anti-Glycation balm is a specialist body care product founded on the latest research results for women who want to fight with cellulite on their bellies, thigs and buttocks and make their skin in those areas look much better. 

Confirmed effects of a 4-week therapy**
A feeling of regenerated skin - according to 100% of women
Visible improvement in skin tension - according to 80% of women 
Less visible cellulite - according to 85% of women
** results of satisfaction survey 

Improved skin density – according to 90% of women*
Result of skin density measurements among women after 4 weeks of using the product

  • Adipoblocker
  • Caffeine
  • Cell Diet
  • Fat Burner
  • L-carnitine

Massage the balm into the skin until fully absorbed. Use once or twice a day, preferably accompanied by an appr. 2-minute massage.


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