Enjoy the comfortable and safe sunbathing with the nourishing power of Dry Argan Body Oils from Soraya!

Enjoy the comfortable and safe sunbathing with the nourishing power of Dry Argan Body Oils from Soraya!

A perfect scenario for the summer? What would you say about carefree beach lounging with your best friend? Soraya has made sure that these holidays will be really successful - with the new dry argan body oils you ensure the protection from harmful radiation and care for your skin, and thanks to the illuminating particles and non-sticky formula you have the added comfort of sunbathing. Try new products from Soraya!

Sunbathing is not only a pleasure but it is also a way to supply our body with the proper dose of vitamin D. Although we are aware of the harmful effects of UV radiation on our skin, we can hardly imagine holidays without sun. Therefore, in order to enjoy it in a wise and healthy manner, we need the appropriate protection. This summer at drugstores we will find two new proposals from the Soraya brand which took care to make sunbathing not only safe but also nourishing for your skin and pleasant for you. ARGAN DRY SUN OIL SPF20 with the "non-sticky" formula – a perfect solution for the beach if you don’t like it when the grains of sand adhere to your skin after applying a cream. In turn, ARGAN DRY SUN OIL SPF15 with illuminating particles lends your skin a sunny glow. Golden flecks illuminate the skin and make it look even more beautiful in full sun. Both oils are the proposition for women with medium dark skin which has already been exposed to sunlight. They provide effective protection against the harmful effects of UVA/UVB radiation. Their formulas have been enriched with the precious argan oil which provides excellent nourishment, smooths and protects. The multi-position applicator ensures the comfortable application of the oil, and its light, non-greasy formula gets absorbed quickly and ensures comfortable sunbathing. Argan Dry Sun Oils from Soraya are available in Rossmann drugstores throughout Poland. Recommended price: 24.99 PLN.


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