You don't get enough sleep and have grey and tired skin?

Also, you want to delay skin ageing and the formation of first wrinkles?


This line is for you!

Reduce young wrinkles with the energy of plant taurine and caffeine, deeply hydrate the face with the power of sea sugar, smooth and matt the skin with the Smooth-Matt Complex.


The secret of TAURINE ENERGY

Plant Taurine

It is a strong energising substance, which recharges fibroblasts with energy, reduces wrinkles, protects the skin against free radicals and delays the ageing processes.

Sea Sugar

Is a true master of hydration that works faster and more effectively than hyaluronic acid. It strengthens and regenerates ceramides in the epidermis.


The new Soraya TAURINE ENERGY line stimulates the regenerative potential of your skin!